Lock up your sheds

WITH Easter past and longer evenings and warmer weather having arrived, many people will be taking the opportunity to get outside to work on gardens.

That often means taking out tools and equipment that have been in storage all winter, or even buying new items.

Thieves have been known to look out for easy targets at this time of year, and that includes those who have invested in expensive garden ornaments or who leaves their lawnmower out overnight.

Police are advising residents to follow some simple steps to help reduce the chance of becoming a victim of opportunistic crime this summer-

-Never leave garages and sheds unlocked

-Use substantial padlocks on shed doors, dead head vulnerable screws on hinges and bolts

-Consider fitting an alarm in your shed or garage

-Cover shed and garage windows on the inside so that criminals cannot see in.

-Consider securing valuable ornaments or statues by cementing them to a footing.

-Photograph any antique garden statues

-Weigh down plant containers with bricks inside the pots

-Protect your perimeters by ensuring gates and railings are secure and in good repair.

-Secure ladders to permanent fixtures.

-Mark lawnmowers and other garden tools with your postcode followed by your house number by using a permanent marker or engraver.

-Chain bicycles together and secure the chain to a solid structure.

Further practical crime prevention advice is always available from your local crime prevention officer by calling 0845 600 8000.