Lough Neagh Partnership bid to save peatlands

Turf cut from peatlands
Turf cut from peatlands

On Monday celebrations and events were held around the world for the United Nations designated World Habitat Day.

The Lough Neagh Partnership Environmental Officer for Lough Neagh is calling for people living across N.Ireland to refrain from the use of products made of the natural resource of peat.

Alastair Fenn said there is no majorly funded project aimed at halting the decline of this unique and internationally important habitat but simply a social media campaign.

“The people of Mid Ulster are invited to ‘Like’ the campaign Facebook page No to NI Peat Product and #peatlands through social media communication to show their appreciation and support for the cause,” he said.

According to the Lough Neagh Partnership, the major threats to Peatlands in Northern Ireland are peat-extraction for fuel and horticulture industry, drainage for the extension of our economically sustaining agricultural territory and afforestation for the use for conifer plantations.

Peat contains large quantities of carbon which, as the scale of climate change becomes ever more apparent, needs to be kept safely stored away from the ‘greenhouse-active’ atmospheric carbon pool.