Lucky escape as stolen car lands in garden

Police illustrate the scene of the crash.
Police illustrate the scene of the crash.

A householder had a lucky escape last week after a car crashed through a hedge and into their garden - coming within feet of their home.

A man was arrested following the incident in the Upperlands area of Maghera which happened on the afternoon of November 27.

Magherafelt police said: “We’ve all seen the road safety ad with the car going through the fence. Difference is the stuff we’re dealing with isn’t some fancy CGI put together from a storyboard.

“This is real life and if you’re a regular follower of our pages you’ll be well aware this stuff and the arrests are currently happening on a daily basis. It needs to stop. Thankfully in this case the heavy rain meant no one was in the garden.”

They said the “driver of the stolen car was arrested at the scene and is heading to court for a range of offences”. They also said it was fortunate no children were passing.