Maghera and Pomeroy fire stations open to the public this evening

A firefighter shows a class of students how it's done
A firefighter shows a class of students how it's done

Since our article about fire station open days was liked hundreds of times, we thought we would remind you that tonight Pomeroy and Maghera fire stations are open to the public.

The open evening, launched as part of fire safety week, will run from 5-7pm.

So if you would like to meet your local firefighters, ask any questions about keeping your house and your family safe from fire, head on down.

Don’t worry if you can’t make these two tonight, fire crews will also be on hand at Dungannon station tomorrow at the same time.

A spokesperson for the Fire Service said: “The theme for this year’s Fire Safety Week centres around the dangers of smoking in the home with a focus on trying to reduce accidental house fires which are caused by the careless use or disposal of smoking materials. “The fire safety open nights are a great opportunity for the local community to meet their local firefighters and get advice on how to make your home safer from the dangers of fire.

“Firefighters will provide advice on the safe disposal of smoking materials [like] cigarettes, lighters, matches; night time fire safety routines; fire escape plan; smoke alarm testing; candle safety; electrical safety and kitchen fire safety.”