Maghera family donates £1,000 to charity

A MAGHERA family generously donated money in lieu of birthday gifts to the Ulster Cancer Foundation recently - raising a staggering £1,000 for the charity.

The Shiels were delighted to help Russell celebrate his fiftieth at Moyola Park Golf Club in Castledawson, and the family was thrilled to be able to make a charity donation as a result of the event.

The family extended their thanks to all those who contributed to the final total.

Paul O’Gara, Community Fundraiser with the UCF said: “On the behalf of the Ulster Cancer Foundation, I would like to thank the Shiels family and everyone who attended the party and made a donation to UCF.

“The amazing £1,000 raised in lieu of gifts will be used to provide care and support for local families throughout NI.

“We are one of Northern Ireland’s leading cancer charities and we provide a range of services for people who have been affected by cancer.

“Our Family Support Service is a free service available to families across Northern Ireland, provides one-to-one support to help reduce the impact of cancer on family life, and aims to minimise the long-term effects on the emotional well-being of the entire family unit. These services are only possible due to the on-going support of the general public.”

UCF is one of the North of Ireland’s leading Cancer charities committed to tackling cancer by supporting cancer research, providing services for cancer patients and their families and by educating people on how they can reduce their risk of the disease. All funds raised for UCF are spent locally to help and support people with cancer in N. Ireland.

If anyone requires any further information on the services or work of the Ulster Cancer Foundation contact Paul O’Gara on 07585956807 or email