Maghera farmer at ‘wits end’ over attacks on sheep

Sheep worrying
Sheep worrying

Magherafelt District Council dog warden is appealing for help after a series of attacks on a flock of sheep near Maghera.

Over the past month sheep have been worried by a dog, or possibly dogs, in the Gulladuff Road area.

“None of the sheep have been killed as yet but they have been bitten and torn at,” explained Gregory Stewart.

Mr Stewart says the attacks on the flock - number around 50 - have been taking place at all times of the day, the most recent on Sunday night.

He said the farmer is increasingly concerned at the damage being done to his flock having already incurred vets bills totalling around £600.

“The attacks on the sheep have also been happening during daylight hours, yet no one appears to have seen anything,” Mr Stewart continued. “I was called one day at 2.30pm but was unable to find the dog.”

He stressed the farmer was at his wit’s end as to what to do.

“The farmer is trying to build-up his flock and he just cannot continue having to pay out on vets bills,” he went on.

“I would appeal to anyone who can help bring these attacks at Gulladuff Road to an end to please contact me on 07712 836580.”