Maghera residents at ‘wits end’ over flooding

Flooding at the football fields on the Coleraine Road, Maghera last Saturday
Flooding at the football fields on the Coleraine Road, Maghera last Saturday

Occupants of a Maghera housing estate say they are at their ‘wits end’ over a flooding issue at the back of their homes.

They claim the flooding has gradually worsened over the past few years and affects the local football pitch located beside the Coleraine Road and the Recreation Centre.

Residents say they are angry and distressed that relevant authorities have “failed to act in dealing with the extreme torrent of water which is left after heavy rainfall”.

One fed up resident said: “We dread to see the rain because my back garden fills up like a swimming pool. The Water Board has been out many times but nothing has changed. I’ve seen rats appear out of the man-hole and I’m sick of the mess and smell that is left when the water subsides.”

It’s been claimed that Magherafelt District Council have had closed meetings where the matter was discussed.

Andrew Cassells, Director of Operations at the council, said drainage works are expected to start next month.

“Hopefully this will go some way to alleviating the problem,” he said.

Flooding also affects a local football team, Maghera Strollers. The pitch is there home ground, but they have had to cancel games during the winter months.

Speaking to the MAIL, Magherafelt councillor Martin Kearney said that as a sporting fan, he understands the frustration for the team and fans to have to cancel matches’.

He goes on to explain that ‘this is a good news story, with the bill passed in March for work to start soon’.

“The contractor has been appointed and they are waiting for ‘the ground to clear up’ before they can start work which should hopefully be ‘any day now.”

NI Water have said they are aware of the flooding in Maghera.

They said work had begun to clear sewer line to prevent further overspill.

NI Water also said they planned to bring in CCTV to establish the cause of the flooding.