Maghera residents welcome ‘adoption’ of roads

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MAGHERAFELT Sinn Féin councillors Kate McEldowney and Gabhán McFalone have welcomed the completion of the final stage of the adoption of roads in the Hawthornes Estate, Maghera.

In a joint press statement the hard working elected representatives said: “We are pleased to advise that DRD Roads Service have completed remedial works and final resurfacing is near completion in this housing development.

“For too long the people of the Hawthornes have been living in an incomplete development, with poor street-lighting, inadequate sewerage provision and roads that were in urgent need of repair.

“Residents have welcomed the news that the roads network in Hawthornes Estate has been adopted by DRD Roads Service and that the final stage of resurfacing is near completion. Sinn Féin councillors and our Mid Ulster MP. Francie Molloy have been lobbying Department of Regional Development (DRD) officials for adoption for some time.

“This move will now mean that services such as roads and street lighting maintenance will be the responsibility of DRD Roads Service.”