Magherafelt assault victim suffered two black eyes, suspected broken nose and a lump on the side of his head

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A Magherafelt nightclub patron ended up with two black eyes, suspected broken nose and a lump on the side of his head after a fight on the dance floor, the local Magistrates Court was told.

Before the court was 22-year-old Jason Young, joiner, from Killyboggin Road, Magherafelt, who admitted assaulting Eamon Gilmore, causing him actual bodily harm on June 16 2013.

Imposing a five-month jail sentence, suspended for three years, District Judge Alan White also ordered Young to pay the injured party £250 compensation.

The court heard the victim was dancing with a girl around 1am when someone shoved into his right shoulder.

A PPS barrister explained that the victim turned and placed his hand on the back of the other person in an non-aggressive way.

He said the victim was then punched several times to the face before a bouncer came and took him out the back to have his face cleaned up.

Continuing, the lawyer said as he was leaving the nightclub with police the injured party saw Young who was standing along with another man at the gates of the premises.

He said the victim recognised the defendant as they had attended a training course together in Magherafelt.

The injured party later went to Antrim Area Hospital where he received treatment for his injuries which included a suspected broken nose.

A defence lawyer claimed there had been “a bit of giving and taking” between the various parties which was clear from the CCTV footage.

He said Young had been trying to split up the injured party, who was first to use any physical aggression, and a third party.

Pleading with the court not to interfere with Young’s liberty, he said the Young should be given credit for his plea.

He added that the defendant is hardworking and has kept out of trouble since the incident.