Magherafelt boy reunited with ‘treatment’ iPad after it was ‘taken’ from buggy in shopping centre

Magherafelt Town Centre.
Magherafelt Town Centre.

A Magherafelt mum is over the moon after “two young girls” handed in the lost iPad her six-year-old uses to help treat his Tourettes and sensory processing disorder.

The tablet was misplaced at Meadowlane Shopping Centre on Thursday, September 3, with the distraught mum first thinking her little boy had left it in the toilets.

She later said that after a review of CCTV footage, Security told her he “did not leave the iPad in the toilets and that he placed it underneath the buggy.... It was then taken from the buggy!!!”

Appealing for help to find the vital piece of equipment, the concerned mum said on Facebook: “It very noticeably belongs to a child as it was in a red rubber case with handles!

“My son has Tourette’s and sensory processing disorder and this iPad is an important part of his daily treatment... It is absolutely useless to whoever finds it as I’ve placed it into ‘Lost Mode’ and it cannot be used without our pin.

“If anyone knows anything about anyone finding an iPad in this shopping centre or are offered one for sale could you please get in touch, like I say it will not work and I have a very distressed little boy in tears!!”

After the post was shared an astonishing 1,145 times the iPad was turned in.

“Thank you everyone soooo much,” said the young mum, “the power of Facebook astounds me and we are delighted to say that we have just had a message to say that two young girls have handed it in!!”