Magherafelt Christian Workers’ union with Mission Possible

MAGHERAFELT Christian Workers’ Union continue to run the Tuesday evening Prayer and Fellowship meetings in the Garden Street Hall, with Mervyn Davison and Albert Moore alterating. The meetings have had sound Bible teaching and have been a real source of encouragement to all present. The services are open to everyone.

On Tuesday May 29, it is hoped to divert slightly and have a missionary meeting with Joe and Sadie Law who run Mission Possible, an independent registered Christian charity, who support Street Children in Colombia.

The Mission, which is God centred, works in partnership with One Mission Society (OMS), a major international charity which operates in approximately 60 countries throughout the world.

Mission Possible has commenced a new and exciting project to support Street Children in Bogota who live in areas of extreme poverty and who are afflicted by hunger, crime, abuse, despair and abandonment. In the eyes of the world, they are the last, the lost and the least.

In the eyes of God, they are little children whom He loves and who need to be rescued, both physically and spiritually.

The Mission raises funds primarily through selling products in charity shops, one of which is Portglenone and the other in Strabane.

The products includes clothes, shoes, handbags, bric-a-brac, bed linen, curtains and other household goods. They also sell a wide range of good quality second hand furniture which can be collected or delivered by contacting Joe Law, the Chairman (mobile: 07709156112).

Proceeds from the shop sales cover all essential overheads and also make a substantial profit. This means that 100 per cent of all cash donations made to the charity are given to the project with no deductions made for administration.

Joe and Sadie have visited the Street Children in Bogota in October 2011. They have seen for themselves the ongoing work and have provided much needed love and encouragement to these dear children and to those who are reaching out to them in God’s love.