Magherafelt DUP councillor blasts Sinn Fein as ‘scum’

Magherafelt DUP councillor Anne Forde.
Magherafelt DUP councillor Anne Forde.

A Magherafelt DUP Councillor has branded her Sinn Féin counterparts as ‘scum’ over their decision to erect plaques in the council building in memory of two Sinn Féin councillors murdered by loyalists.

Sinn Féin Councillor Kate McEldowney said she was “deeply surprised” to read comments that appeared on Facebook which are attributed to DUP councillor Anne Forde, who is vice chair of the local authority.

“I have known Councillor Forde for some time and have enjoyed a professional, warm and open working relationship with her.

“This has been the experience of the entire Sinn Féin council team. In fact, Anne has often shared transport while carrying out council business with the Sinn Féin Chairperson of Magherafelt District Council, Catherine Elattar.

“The comments attributed to Councillor Anne Forde are most surprising as on different occasions she has worked hard alongside her Sinn Féin council colleagues often behind the scenes to make the Magherafelt district a welcoming area for everyone. I have always found Anne polite and courteous and I find this remark totally out of character.”

“Councillor Forde’s use of the word scum is highly offensive to Sinn Féin elected representatives and to the people who have voted for them. I would call on Councillor Forde to explain these remarks to all her fellow councillors in Magherafelt district.”

When contacted by the Mid Ulster Mail, Anne Forde said she hadn’t intended ‘to cause a political storm’ but said she ‘stood by’ the remarks’.

“I think there are other things people should be worried about, it’s not the worst word in the world.”

In the Facebook post, she defended her party who she said had objected to the erection of plaques for Councillors Bernard O’Hagan and John Joe Davey.

“Some times people think that we don’t say anything when matter is we are voted down all the time by this scum”, wrote councillor Forde.