Magherafelt Gospel tent campaign starts

SOMETIME ago Dr William McCrea, Minister of Calvary Free Presbyterian Church, Magherafelt announced a forthcoming Gospel Tent Campaign in Johnston’s field, Moneymore Road, Magherafelt commencing Sunday for three weeks.

Now the time of gospel visitation has arrived and Dr McCrea said this week, “We have looking forward with expectancy to the forthcoming Gospel Tent Campaign Moneymore Road, Magherafelt and rejoice in the opportunity God has given to spread the glorious gospel of redeeming grace.

“When Mr Ryan McKee and myself held the Gospel Mission in Castledawson earlier this year we announced that the Lord had laid upon our hearts to plan a further gospel campaign in Magherafelt. Having sought the face of God we invited the Rev Reggie Cranston, Port Hope, Canada to be our guest evangelist. Rev Cranston is a renowned preacher of the gospel and has been mightily used of the Lord as an evangelist over many years.

“On this coming Sunday Evening 2nd September at 7pm, Mr Cranston will commence the three week ‘Gospel Campaign’ in a tent, kindly granted, now erected in Johnston’s field Moneymore Road, Magherafelt. We believe the Lord will graciously move among us by the power of the Holy Spirit and we have no doubt we will be blessed with good gospel preaching and old time gospel singing.

“No one can deny our land needs a gracious movement of God and it our desire that God will stir the hearts of the people of our District once again. Everyone is welcome to these meetings and we extend a hearty invitation to you and your family circle. Mr Cranston will have no gimmicks to offer but he has a mighty gospel to preach.

“Why not be a part of this exciting gospel venture? Come yourself but remember bring others with you. The meetings continue Monday through Friday at 8pm, Sunday 7pm until September 230. Prayer times will one hour before the gospel meetings and we value your prayers. We look forward to seeing you at the tent and assure you of a very warm welcome”.