Magherafelt hospital murder: Court hears RUC man’s final words

Seamus Martin Kearney
Seamus Martin Kearney

THE final words uttered between the murdered police officer John Proctor from Upperlands and his young wife who had given birth to a baby son, were read out in court this week.

Swatragh man Seamus Kearney is standing trial for the IRA murder of the part time RUC in 1981.

Reserve Constable John Proctor was shot dead in a hail of automatic gunfire at the hospital car park in Magherafelt minutes after visiting his wife and new-born son.

Seamus Martin Kearney (54) of Gorteade Road, Swatragh, Co Derry denies the murder and a further charge of possessing an Armalite AR15 assault rifle used in the shooting.

On Tuesday, Belfast Corwn Court heard that Mrs Proctor talked of how her busband “Johnny was in his usual good form” that evening.

She said that as he passed the hospital ward window, he joked: “you’re very fast tonight”, to which she joked back: “I’m not as fat as what you are”.

Mrs Proctor added that as her husband walked on, she told him for the last time: “Good Bless .... I love you yourself”.

She added; “Johnny would just have had time to reach his car when I heard the sound of shooting”.