Magherafelt motorists targeted in PSNI road safety initiative


Four motorists received fixed penalty notices and advice and guidance was given to six motorists during PSNI proactive road safety operation in Magherafelt.

Officers from Magherafelt Local Policing Team took part in the initiative on Sunday night, as part of continued efforts to encourage drivers to take more care on the roads.

Constable Dean Lovell said, “We have had a few calls regarding anti-social driving and we keen to address the issue. As well as causing a nuisance to other road users and local residents, those involved are creating a danger for themselves. We understand the detrimental effect this behaviour has on others.

“During the operation, a number of motorists were detected for motoring offences including no insurance, four motorists received fixed penalty notices and advice and guidance given to six motorists for various driving offences. Although this was a very positive step in terms of raising awareness about road safety it is clear that a number of motorists are still willing to take unnecessary risks when driving.

“Remember, there is a responsibility on all of us to keep our roads safe. We are committed to keeping our roads safe, and will take action against those who continue to put themselves and others at risk.”