Magherafelt public meeting on the health service


A PUBLIC meeting on the state of the Health Service is due to take place in The Bridewell, Magherafelt tonight (Thursday) at 7.30pm organised by the County Derry Workers’ Party.

A spokesperson said: “The Workers’ Party has a proud tradition of campaigning for a better Health Service for everyone, and supporting the right of everyone to access the Health Service.

“However, like everyone else, we are disillusioned with what appears to be the gradual dismantling of the NHS.

“Austerity is the excuse as services deteriorate further, as hospital waiting lists get longer, as staff shortages spread, as hospital ward closures increase and as nursing homes are closed. However, private companies profit from the misery heaped on all of us.

“Consultants and private clinics are readily available to fill the void left by the inability of the Health Service to fulfill its requirements, but at a premium price to the taxpayer!

Private nursing home owners are expanding their businesses anxiously awaiting the closure of the NHS homes, where the primary focus of these businesses is profit and not care!

“We are delighted to have Ray Rafferty (UNION) and Hugh McCloy (Save the Mid) come to address this meeting.

Both have extensive knowledge of the Health Service, its faults and failings, and possible remedies.

“There is no doubt that this meeting will be very informative, and we also welcome participation from those attending the meeting.If you are free on Thursday evening, please come to The Bridewell, Magherafelt.”