Magherafelt public’s views sought on waste management plan


DRAFT plans for managing waste in the north west have been released for public consultation.

The North West Region Waste Management Group (NWRWMG), the umbrella waste management body for seven council areas in the region, including Magherafelt District Council, is seeking views from the public and industry on its proposals to handle waste between now and 2020.

The Waste Management Plan sets out how NWRWMG will deliver services and infrastructure required for the collection, treatment and disposal of waste.

The overall aim is to develop a waste management system that meets the region’s needs and contributes to economic and sustainable development.

The north west, which accounts for 18% of Northern Ireland’s total population, produced 177,128 tonnes of waste last year. The area’s recycling rate has risen from 4% to 37.3% (2002-2012), but by 2020 the aim is to reach a recycling rate of 60% for all municipal waste collected by local councils.

In order to achieve new recycling targets being progressed by the Northern Ireland Executive, NWRWMG has identified the need to develop new waste infrastructure and collection methods, plus an on-going education and information campaign. Additional materials such as glass are already collected from households and new services will include increasing the availability of brown bins for garden and food waste collection.

The review of the Waste Management Plan, including a Strategic Environmental Assessment and questionnaire, are available to view and comment on at Hard copies are also available upon request from council offices. The consultation ends on Wednesday, November 27.