Magherafelt SF councillor accuses DUP of ‘cheerleading’ for welfare cuts

Cllr Catherine Ellatar
Cllr Catherine Ellatar

The former Sinn Féin chairperson of Magherafelt District Council has blasted the DUP’s James Shiels for “cheerleading for further Tory Cuts which would have a devastating effect on the most vulnerable in our society.”

Speaking after last week’s successful adoption of motions tabled by her party colleagues at Magherafelt and Mid-Ulster Council meetings, she said: “Working class unionists and loyalists can’t depend on the DUP to protect them from Tory Welfare Cuts.

“A large section of unionists and loyalists who voted for James Shiels who has vociferously taken on the mantle of chief Tory Cuts cheerleader in the Mid-Ulster constituency will be most disappointed with his failure of leadership whenever they realise the potential impact of the cuts agenda.

“Any society is judged by how it treats its most vulnerable members. The Tory Cuts supported by the DUP and other unionist parties will attack the unemployed, the sick, the disabled, older people and children. The Tory Cuts agenda will also adversely affect every public service that citizens depend on and will increase levels of deprivation in every community across the six-counties.

“You don’t have to be a genius to understand that the large loss of income will have a knock on effect on local spending and in turn our local economy and employment.”