Magherafelt vets help save blind greyhound


A six-months old, blind greyhound was supposed to be put down, but was rescued by an animal sanctuary and had its sight restored by a veterinary eye surgeon in Magherafelt.

Harvey was completely blind due to cataracts in both his eyes. He was supposed to be put down, but was brought to Mid Antrim Animal Sanctuary.

The Sanctuary not only rescued him, but also contacted Animal Eye Doctor and veterinary surgeon Dr. Isabel Buehler.

Dr. Buehler together with a whole team of nurses and vets at Craemill Veterinary Clinic in Magherafelt performed a complex operation on Harvey’s left eye.

They removed the cataract, and therefore fully restored his sight in his left eye. Harvey will also undergo surgery on his other eye next year.

A visitor to Mid Antrim Animal Sanctuary took a shine to Harvey and adopted him.

His new owner says: “You can only imagine the life changing effects that our Harvey has encountered in his short life. It’s nothing short of amazing that he has a whole new outlook on life now.”

There is also another greyhound in the same household, so Harvey not only found a new owner, but also a new doggie pal.

Dr. Buehler says: “I am so glad we have been able to help Harvey and to give him back his sight. It has been a pure joy! The difference between the blind dog I first encountered at the sanctuary and the dog Harvey I now know, is just unbelievable. Cases like Harvey make my job worthwile!”