MAIL readers voice their disappointment

MID-ULSTER Mail readers were keen to voice their disappointment at how the World Recording-breaking display by local schoolchildren was covered in the regional news last week.

Here are some of the comments left on our Facebook site:

Catherine Feeney said: “Yeah, definitely should have been covered. No doubt if it happened in one of the cities it would have been! Well done Magherafelt schoolchildren - you should all feel very proud of yourselves.

Margaret Doherty said: “It should have been covered.”

Annmarie Kelly King said: “I can’t believe they didn’t cover it. The children worked on that for days to get it right and were out there from 9.30am that morning. My daughter was not happy getting a soaking and they couldn’t even show it. I feel sorry for them all and they worked hard for it! What was it? A 3 second clip of Magherafelt?”

Katie Mallon Gallagher said: “Shame on you BBC and UTV! These children worked very hard and it wasn’t even shown! Credit where it’s due! Well done to all involved, we are all proud of your great achievement! Go Magherafelt!”

Mercedes McGurk said: “Disgraceful. There was nothing else like it as far as I could see. Missed opportunity there.”

Dermot Browne: “Get it uploaded onto YouTube, that should increase the coverage.”

Nikki Bass: “A disgrace indeed. Poor kids were soaked, and well behaved! TV stations should have covered that, it was far more interesting than the coverage in Ballyronan. Sorry kids but well done to you all, and all our schools, proper community spirit all around!”

Siobhán Ní Cainain: “I cannot believe they didn’t even mention the kids, poor wee pets out at meadowbank from early that morning completely soaked. They behaved so well, each one and managed to break a world record - which not many kids can say they have done. So shame on UTV/BBC for not acknowledging it - but it will not dampen any of the kids spirits inculding my own two.”

Kelley Farmer said: “It was an awful disgrace that they did not show it after all the hard work the kids have put in and the soaking that they got. And they did say Magherafelt was the town that did best from all over Northern Ireland. Well if that was the case why did they not show it? Well done kids, you all did fab and should be very proud of yourselves, even tho they didnt even show it on the TV.”

Siobhan Ryan Mcallister said, “I am so disappointed in this also. Like you’ve all said it was a great day for the kids and yes they were all soaked right through. Not many of us can say we have a broken a world record but I’m so proud of my daughter who is a record-breake. And to all the other kids I say ‘Good on you, we’re all proud of each and every one of you’.”

Phil Topping said: “I just posted it on the BBC 2012 Facebook page. The kids deserve some recognition.”

Donna McVey Speirs said: “It was a disgrace after those children getting soaked to the skin and after all the hard work they put in and standing in that all day. And they broke the world record! Well then why were they not recgonised? Maybe they aren’t famous enough to be recgonised?”

Nuala Scullion said: “The children were great. I waited with Lisa all night to see it on the news but nothing came on. It just shows you, if you have some big high person there it would have been on but these kids are the next generation and were better than all the high people put together.”

Kerry Devlin said: “BBC and UTV should be ashamed of themselves. If this had been done in Belfast they would have shown it! My daughter came home soaked, I think all the schools deserved some TV coverage - after all they broke a record!

Amie Guhlke said: “Well done Shannon for taking part. Love you loads.”

Kerry Devlin said: “Thanks Amie. Well done all the kids for breaking a record, you should all be proud of yourselves!”

Kerry Devlin: “If we all make a complaint call to UTV and BBC they may show it! Im going to ring, how many others will?”

Tara Cully: “Yeah kids should have recognition of their achievement.”

Catherine Maccorquodale: “It’s a total disgrace that those poor kids stood outside in the pouring rain and it wasn’t even covered by the TV stations. They should be ashamed of themselves. All those kids did themselves proud and did Magherafelt proud to they deserve some recognition well done kids.”

Tara Cully: “Do the kids even get a certificate for being record breakers? They all did so well. Two of mine were in the rings.”

Patricia Quinn: “I kept the wee armbands but that’s all he has.”

Angela O’Kane: “Was a total disgrace, Magherafelt council organised a brilliant day and the world record being broken was the highlight of the day. Now reporters are more interested in talking to “celebrity” torch bearers than highlighting a magnificent achievement of the children of Magherafelt District.”

Angela O’Kane: “Even if we did complain Kerry Devlin, it would be too late to do anything now. They should have been there on the day instead of chasing after Paddy Kielty and Paul Clarke!”

Nuala Scullion: “Well said Angela.”

Irwin Speirs: “Poor effort all about big names.”

Elaine Doherty: “No wonder so many children are turning to crime as it seems you need to be a criminal to get on the TV. My son was one of the 3,000 children who took part in this and they never got a mention let alone a pat on the back for doing it. Shame on BBC Northern Ireland and UTV.”

Norman Caskey: “Can we not get a phone number and every one ring and complain?”

Orla Friel: “Totally disgusted. It’s so typical.”

Sarah Carney said: “My son was also present and he loved every minute of it. Only things they recieved were two wrist bands and a plastic rain mac all with the olympic emblem and date. So well done Magherafelt council, you did so much more than Antrim council.”

Hannah Hogg: “Disappointed that this was not shown on the news. If it was a world record it should have been shown. As a marshall yesterday it took a lot of organising to get that done.”

Jennifer Neeson: “Well that’s 3,000 odd school children who have been let down by the news programs.”

Tina Mckeown: “Well done to the kids of Magherafelt who braved the elements yesterday. The news might have forgotten you but every mum, dad, grandparent, aunt, uncle, etc is really proud of you.”

Rusty Fountain: “I wouldn’t worry about the news - the fact is that they’re now in the Guinness Book of Records and we have local press that is really showing their support by uploading this picture to Facebook. A Big Thank you to Mid Ulster Mail I say.”