Mallaghan calling for repairs to “extremely unsound” road in Rock

The speed limit at the Loup is currently 40mph
The speed limit at the Loup is currently 40mph

Mid Ulster councillor Cathal Mallaghan has called for urgent repairs to the Sessiagh Scott Road in Rock following a number of complaints from the local community.

Cllr Mallaghan said: “The deterioration of the roads surface has been going on for some time now but the overall condition has got to a point where it now needs immediate action.

“There are a number of potholes with other sections of the road extremely unsound.

“Previous repairs seem to have been carried out with the jet patcher which is used to spray into a pothole. Unfortunately if used over a larger patch it leaves an uneven ribbed surface that feels like a series of bumps when a car drives over it.”

Hitting out at the current state of “earlier repairs” which he said “are now in the process of breaking up causing even more difficulties for drivers” Cllr Mallaghan said something needs to be done.

“Our party office has contacted Roads Service to make them aware of the issue and to request that work is carried out urgently,” he added.

“I would ask constituents to bring other areas of disrepair to our attention or to contact the Roads Service directly”.