Man frothing at the mouth during ‘obscene tirade of abuse’ against female police officer in Cookstown


A man who was frothing at the mouth during an obscene tirade against a female police officer has been ordered to pay £400 in compensation.

Police were on patrol on the Drum Road in Cookstown around 3am on March 1 when they saw Caolan James McCrossan, 26, of Cashty Road in Omagh, shouting as if he was having an argument with himself.

That was one of the most unimpressive accounts this court has ever was appalling behaviour ... of frightening violence - Judge Meehan

When approached by an officer he refused to give his details and walked off towards Sweep Road asking, “What’s it f**king to you?”

He was detained by the officer and launched into a tirade of abuse, calling the officer a “silly b**ch” and, although he game his name, he refused to provide his date of birth or address.

At this time the police noted that white froth appeared at the corners of his mouth as his level of aggression increased and he “went wild”.

Four more officers were required to restrain him and he continued to make threats against the female officer, stating that she “deserved to be shot” and claimed to know people who would do it.

During the arrest, McCrossan was placed face down as he was attempting to spit in the face of the officer.

As he was taken to the station, the defendant was verbally abusive and kicked and headbutted the walls of the police van.

It took four officers to get him to the cell where he “went wild again” headbutting the door and walls before calming down 90 minutes after the incident began.

District Judge John Meehan said, “That was one of the most unimpressive accounts this court has ever was appalling behaviour ... of frightening violence.”

He then handed down sentences totalling three months in prison before telling him that he would give him one chance to remain at liberty, suspending the sentence for two years.

“I you give way to binge drinking ... or lower yourself into that type of behaviour you will serve that sentence.”

He further imposed a compensation order of £400 to the female police officer.