Man jailed after ‘dolly-mixture’ of drugs found in Cookstown raid

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A self-confessed drug user has been given a suspended jail sentence of three months after police raided his Cookstown home and uncovered a drugs stash worth £720.

Patrick Gaynor, 33, with a current address at Fairview Gardens, Dromore, appeared at Dungannon Magistrate’s Court on Friday.

He was charged with possessing a ‘dolly mixture’ of Class A, B and C drugs.

The court heard how on February 10, 2012, police obtained a search warrant and raided a property in Cookstown.

They uncovered what the judge referred to as ‘a dolly mixture’ of 62 brown tablets, a number of white tablets and a quantity of white powder.

Forensic analysis revealed that the drugs were ecstasy, methedrine and anabolic steroids, which the defendant claimed were for his own personal use.

The court learned that a forensic analysis of the defendant’s mobile phone revealed no evidence that Gaynor had been supplying the drugs to others.

The defendant’s solicitor told the judge that his client professed to be on ‘the straight and narrow’ and preferred not to have a community service order imposed.

He confirmed that

The judge gave Gaynor credit for his early guilty plea, but warned him that he had committed serious offences, and that he had a relevant record with two drugs convictions, one in 2012 and a further in 2006.

Gaynor was given a three month jail sentence suspended for two years for possessing Class A drugs.

In addition, he was given a further three month jail sentence suspended for two years for possessing Class B drugs, and a one month suspended sentence suspended for two years for possessing Class C drugs.

The suspended jail sentences are to run concurrently.

The judge warned Gaynor that he must deal with his drug-taking behaviour and that if he committed a further drugs offence and returned to court within two years, he would face an immediate jail term.