Man refused bail over alleged racist attacks in Dungannon


Lithuanians have been left terrified by attacks on their home in Dungannon, the High Court heard yesterday.

Paint was thrown over their cars and a swastika daubed on a garage door at the property. Two weeks later a woman in the house was woken by a window being smashed, prosecutors said.

Details emerged as bail was refused to a neighbour accused of carrying out the most recent attack.

Gary Smyth, 30, of Lisnaclin Court, faces charges including threats to kill. He is alleged to have thrown a brick at the neighbouring property’s window on August 25. A Lithuanian woman inside heard loud bangs and claimed to recognise Smyth outside.

It was alleged that he ran across the street shouting: “F****** b*******, f****** foreigners, get out now.”

CCTV equipment had been installed at the house, which the victim shares with two other Lithuanians, following a separate attack two weeks earlier when cars were damaged.

Smyth is not charged over that incident. But after his arrest over the window he allegedly threatened a policeman.

Defence counsel attributed the alleged offences to excess drinking and “extremely stupid behaviour”.