Man storms Magherafelt council meeting shouting ‘sectarian pieces of s**t’

Magherafelt Council
Magherafelt Council

Face-to-face talks were held in Magherafelt council late into Tuesday night in a last-ditch attempt to resolve the row over flags which is threatening to leave Castledawson without Christmas lights.

Sinn Fein councillors Sean McPeake and Peter Bateson met with members of the Lower Castledawson Community Group in a private meeting, after the main council meeting descended into a bitter row.

At one point the meeting had to be adjourned, as Sinn Fein councillors hurriedly exited the debating chamber when a member of the public shouted abuse from the gallery and approached the councillors’ seats.

Will Lennox a member of the Protestant Coalition, ignored the ban on members of the public speaking in the chamber as he began his onslaught on the Sinn Fein councillors branding them as ‘immature, sectarian, piece of s**t’.

Mr Lennox - who claimed to have a right to speak during the meeting under Article 21 of the Magna Carta charter - went to say he had ‘seized control of the chamber’ and was sacking the councillors.