Manslaughter accused appears in court


A TEENAGER accused of the manslaughter of another man in Omagh on 4th August has been released on bail.

Christopher McLean, 18, of Main Street, Gortin is accused of the manslaughter of 28-year old Darren McBrearty following an incident outside a pub in John Street, Omagh on Sunday.

Mr McBrearty was being treated in the Royal Victoria Hospital and was on life support machine but he passed away in hospital on Tuesday.

The case against Mr McLean rests on a ‘single punch’ and whether or not it was in self-defence or an act of aggression.

Mr McLean’s solicitor asked the officer to confirm that his client had been fully compliant with all police interviews which the officer confirmed.

The officer told the court that there were still a number of people who the police have yet to interview as the area of the town was busy at the time.

Two other men aged 23 and 24 were also arrested in connection with the incident but were released on police bail yesterday (Tuesday).

District Judge John Meehan granted bail to Mr McLean after agreeing a suitable bail address and imposing a number of bail conditions.

Mr McLean is to adhere to a curfew, he is not permitted to have alcohol or be on licenced premises. He is also not to enter Omagh town centre as defined by the 30mph speed limits. He is to have no contact with the co-accused or to interfere with witnesses. He must also sign bail three times per week.

The case was adjourned until 21st August when the defendant will appear again at Dungannon Magistrates Court.