Masai visitor for Donaghey Congregational Church

DONAGHEY Congregational Church will host John-stone Twalla, from the Masai land in Kenya, next Wednesday (May 16) at 8pm.

He had initially planned to be a Masai warrior but failed because he attended school. At 17 he started praying and found peace that surpasses anything that he could imagine.

After four years in high school he became a language teacher with World Gospel Missionaries, then worked with them for six years in Tenwek and Masai Community Health Programme.

In 1995 joined with Billy and Jenny Fuller, also World Gospel Missionaries, to work with the Olderkesi Development Programme as manager.

Come and see John-stone Twalla from Kenya, dressed in his national costume at Donaghey Congregational Church on Wednesday, May 16 at 8pm.