Massive pothole on a Mid Ulster road causes tyre blowout in the snow

Pothole on Annagh Road, Cookstown
Pothole on Annagh Road, Cookstown

A Cookstown man whose tyre blew out in the snow because of a pothole in Annagh Road, has said he was so cross at the time that “you couldn’t put in the paper what he said”.

Alan Leonard from Cookstown’s Orritor Road told our reporter how he was “driving like an old man” in last week’s freezing conditions, when his front right tyre hit a pothole in the centre of the road.

“I was just driving along - and bang,” he told the Mail.

“Then I turned off the radio, and I knew because as soon as I got out to the junction I could hear it. It was the driver’s side, front.

“I just pulled over to the other side of the road so I wouldn’t have to change it in oncoming traffic. It took about 20mins or so with the cold... and everything is that bit harder with the cold.”

Although the incident cost the 24-year-old £70 for a new tyre, he said: “It was alright for me - I was able to pull in and change it, it was a bit of an inconvenience but it’s not the end of the world.

“It was pretty big whole, and I didn’t notice it until this morning.”

A spokesperson for TransportNI said: “TransportNI had not been notified about the defect on Annagh Road.”

However, it is understood that the pothole has now been filled in, but further holes in the road between Stewartstown and Tullyhogue still need work.

“TransportNI has been notified about the defects/potholes on the Donaghendry Road between Tullyhogue and Stewartstown,” they explained. “Due to the pressures on resources dealing with snow clearance and unfavourable road conditions since the time of notification it has not been possible to undertake a permanent repair.”