McCrea Calls on PSNI to Bring Forward Business Case on Equal Pay

DUP MLA Ian McCrea has called upon the PSNI to bring forward a business case in relation to civilian staff who were not covered by the equal pay settlement.

The Mid Ulster representative and Policing Board member made the call following a question he posed to the Finance Minister at DFP Questions in the Assembly.

Speaking afterwards Mr McCrea said, “There are many civilian staff who worked within the Police Service who were not covered by the equal pay settlement. These are relatively low paid workers, many of them women, abandoned by their trade union who did not seek to include them within any settlement.

“On raising this issue with the Finance Minister today he revealed that the Police Service have never submitted any business case in order to progress the case for these workers. The Court has also ruled that the responsibility for this issue lies with the police. Such a business case is necessary before any settlement could be possibly reached and I am therefore calling on the PSNI to advance this as a matter of urgency.

It is an issue I will also be raising at the next meeting of the Policing Board and I would hope that the Police Service will move swiftly to submitting a case which then can be properly assessed. These are workers from every part of Northern Ireland who have been highlighting their case for an extended period of time. Tuesday’s statement by the Finance Minister sheds new light on the situation and demonstrates the clear next step which must be taken by the PSNI in order to progress the issue.”