McCrea condemns ‘anti-Protestant taunts’

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DUP Mid Ulster MLA, Ian McCrea has branded those responsible for a second attack within a week on Bellaghy Orange Hall as cowards and has also utterly condemned their actions.

“I utterly condemn those responsible for painting sectarian slogans on the Orange Hall in Bellaghy,” he said.

“This is the second attack on this orange hall within a week and I can only brand those responsible as cowards, as they need the cover of darkness to carry out these anti-Protestant taunts.

“Slogans such as ‘IRA’ and ‘Brits Out’ were painted on the front of the hall; they can call for British citizens to get out all they like it, it simply isn’t going to happen.

“I would offer my support to the Orange men in Bellaghy and commend them for their steadfastness in the midst of such blatant bigotry.

“I want to call on anyone who has any information to come forward to the police to help remove these cowardly republicans from our community once and for all.”