McCrea welcomes broadband package for students

DUP MLA Ian McCrea
DUP MLA Ian McCrea

DUP Mid Ulster MLA, Ian McCrea has welcomed the launch by BT of their 9 month Broadband & Calls packages that are tailored specifically for students in Northern Ireland and across the UK.

Speaking today, Ian McCrea said: “The new 9 month Broadband & Call package launch by BT is a very welcome development, as it is specifically design for our students living in shared accommodation.

“These packages makes sense both practically and financially in the fact that it runs over 9 months which is ideal for students who generally only need the service from October to June.

“The packages available consist of Unlimited Infinity 1, fibre optic broadband, with Unlimited Weekend Calls, offers download speeds of up to 38Mb and is £20 a month for nine months or Unlimited Broadband, with Unlimited Weekend Calls, offers up to 16Mb download speeds at £16 a month for nine months.

“Included with each package, is BT’s Home Hub 4 router, with smart dual band technology for a wireless signal.

Unlimited Weekend Calls means all calls to UK landlines, plus calls to 0845 and 0870 numbers from midnight Friday to midnight Sunday are included in the deals.

“I would fully encourage our students to check out and avail of these deals and see if they can utilize there benefits.

BT’s student broadband will be available online only at .”