McGahan welcomes funding to help students with disabilities

Sinn Fein MLA Bronwyn McGahan
Sinn Fein MLA Bronwyn McGahan

SINN Fein spokesperson on Employment and Learning, Bronwyn McGahan has welcomed the injection of £500,000 to help students with disabilities to participate in further education.

Ms. McGahan stated, “It is important that people with disabilities have the same opportunities to attend further education and attain a third level education as everyone else.

“The announcement by the Minister Stephen Farry today of an extra £500,000 will ensure that many more courses will be opened up to people with disabilities.

“This money will go towards support mechanisms, from ensuring disability access to classrooms through to specialist equipment to help people with disabilities including sight or hearing difficulties.

“It will also see more personal support to those who need someone to help with issues such as interpretation and note taking.

“This decision today by the Minister to increase this fund to £2m will help deliver equality for those suffering from disabilities and allow more people to access a third level education that will enhance their employment chances.”