McGlone concern over road works suspension

SDLP Economy Spokesperson and Chairman of the Enterprise Trade and Investment Committee at Stormont, Patsy McGlone has requested a meeting with the Minister for Regional Development over the suspension of road works in Northern Ireland during the G8 summit.

Mr McGlone who is also Chair of the All Party Working Group on Construction said he has requested an urgent meeting with Minister Danny Kennedy over the suspension of construction work on roads for 11 days because of the G8 conference in Fermanagh.

“Like many people from the Construction industry I am deeply concerned that a blanket ban on road and street works will hit workers hard.

“I understand that the police have instructed the Department of Regional Development to stop road works for a number of days. There needs to be a reasonable and proportionate response from the Department to that request,” he said.

And he added: “I am hoping that the Minister will consider the difficulties encountered by the construction industry in recent months and put in place restrictions on road works that are sensible unlike the current disproportionate directive.”