McGlone election posters disappear from roundabout

Patsy McGlone
Patsy McGlone

THE leader of the SDLP has described the removal of Westminster candidate Patsy McGlone’s election posters in Magherafelt as an attempt to “devalue” his campaign.

A number of Mr McGlone’s election posters went missing from the Castledawson roundabout less than a week before polls opened to voters in Mid-Ulster.

Stating he was “deeply disappointed” by the incident Dr McDonnell said: “This is the latest attempt to devalue this campaign and prevent the people of Mid-Ulster from making an informed choice about who can best represent their interests and hopes for the future.

“Patsy McGlone has fought a very fair and dignified campaign. He has neither hid from TV cameras, newspaper interviews or from meeting with the electorate of Mid-Ulster to listen to their concerns.”

The SDLP leader continued: “There have been a number of bizarre disappearing acts this campaign, whether it is the media-shy Nigel Lutton, Francie Molloy from the View programme and now the latest piece of trickery is the disappearance of Patsy McGlone’s election posters.

“The people of Mid-Ulster deserve a representative who will never run away from the big issues and will work tirelessly to build a better future for everyone in Mid-Ulster by creating jobs, supporting local businesses, standing up for farming families and rural communities and protecting the most vulnerable from savage welfare cuts.”

Mr McGlone is one of four candidates contesting the Mid-Ulster MP seat.

The SDLP joins Sinn Fein’s Francie Molloy, Alliance’s Eric Bullick and Unionist unity agreed candidate Nigel Lutton.