McLean rejects ‘DUP out of touch’ over Magherafelt revamp claim

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DUP councillor Paul McLean today dismissed claims by Sinn Fein that “the DUP is out of touch” in relation to Magherafelt’s Public Realm Scheme.

The Mail recently highlighted Mr McLean’s demands for the scheme to reviewed

Mr McLean said he planned to arrange a meeting with the Roads Minister Danny Kennedy to discuss the matter.

He rejected criticism of his stand by Sinn Fein group leader on Magherafelt District Council, councillor Sean McPeake.

Mr McLean said when it came to an issue as important as the survival of the town centre, and doing what’s right for the traders who have struggled to survive in these hard economic times, then “party politics need to be put aside.”

He said: “The facts, Magherafelt District Council in conjunction with the traders and the business fraternity, started the process of the Public Realm

Scheme back in 2010; however things have changed and the DRD have clearly stated that they would only be providing a fraction of the estimated £2.3 million required for the scheme.

“To date we don’t know when money will become available nor do we know how much, therefore in light of the financial announcement and progress of the Magherafelt by pass surely it would be sensible to review the bigger picture and make sure that the initial plans are best for our town going forward.”

He argued it made sense to revisit the scheme when the by pass was at an early stage.