Melting tarmac causing problems for motorists in Mid Ulster

It's so hot the tar is melting on some roads
It's so hot the tar is melting on some roads

The scorching sun is melting the tarmac on many of Mid Ulster's roads.

Local politicians are warning drivers to exercise care, as temperatures climb into the high 20s.
It is understood the Department for Infrastructure have contractors out treating the worse affected areas.
DUP MLA Keith Buchanan said his office has received complaints.
"On Wednesday I was contacted by constituents about tar melting on the Pomeroy Road between Donaghmore and Pomeroy," he said.
"I contacted DFI Roads immediately and action was taken that evening. My office received additional calls regarding other roads within the constituency.
"The road is now in a state of disrepair after serious damage by vehicles and the extreme conditions.
"DFI Roads needs to have a more proactive approach to this issue as weather warnings had been issued in advance."
SDLP MLA Patsy McGlone said his office has also received complaints of the tarmac melting.
A number of roads, including the Loup Road, Ballyronan, are particularly bad according to Mr McGlone.
He urged drivers to be careful.

A Departmental spokesperson said: “Recent weather has led to a rise in road surface temperatures and with limited cooling at night, the bitumen in some roads has softened. The Department has been spreading fine dust/grit on the worst affected roads and will continue to do so as necessary. The situation is being monitored. Road users should continue to exercise due care and attention at all times, take extra care when braking on melting surfaces and obey road signage. Problems with the roads can be reported at “