Mid Ulster Council decisions ‘stink to high heaven’ - McLean

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The DUP and UUP Council groups on the new Mid-Ulster Council have united to condemn a series of decisions made at the recent council meeting.

These included blocking the sale of the poppy and an Irish first branding to be used on council literature, vehicles and buildings.

DUP Group Leader, Paul McLean and UUP Group Leader, Trevor Wilson said: “Everything about these decisions stinks to high heaven.

“First you have the manner of the decisions; they should have held the full public consultation and full Equality Impact assessment first. Sinn Fein and the SDLP are trying to skew the pitch by ramming these decisions through and then going through the motions on consultation.

“Second, the speed in which they wanted to take these decisions and how quickly they were implemented shows they couldn’t wait to try and abuse their majority status on the new Council.

“Third, the decisions themselves both individually and collectively aim to create a “ old House” for Unionists in Mid-Ulster in breach of the Council’s legal, equality and good relations responsibilities.

“Our groups will unite to call this series of decisions in and try to thwart this agenda to create a cold house for the Unionist minority in Mid-Ulster.”