Mid Ulster councillor calling for footpaths along two busy roads

Cllr Linda Dillon
Cllr Linda Dillon

Sinn Fein councillor Linda Dillon is calling for an urgent meeting with Transport NI to have footpaths in the Derryvale and Brocagh areas.

She said there were large number of young families living in the Vale and they currently have no safe walking route out to the footpath on the Dungannon Road.

“This situation needs to be addressed as it would not be possible to walk along this road without a footpath due to the large lorries and volume of traffic travelling to and from the engineering factories on the road,” Cllr Dillon explained.

“There is also a great need for a footpath in Brocagh particularly given the plans for play facilities at Castlebay.

“We have a responsibility to do our best to make it safe for people to go out walking and whilst I accept we can’t have footpaths on every route I believe that where there is a concentration of people we need to be pushing for facilities and services for those people.”

Cllr Dillon said she would keep residents informed of the situation.