Mid Ulster councillor welcomes defibrillator rollout

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Mid Ulster Councillor Sean McPeake has welcomed the Education department’s decision to work closer with the Cormac (McAnallen) Trust in raising awareness in the usage of life saving defibrillators.

His comments followed a meeting at Stormont exploring ways in which the department and schools can work in partnership with agencies such as the Cormac Trust in the secondary school estate.

“I was delighted that at our meeting the Minister of Education has agreed to work in partnership with the Cormac Trust in the rolling out of awareness raising initiatives on the dangers of cardiac arrests and the usage of defibrillators within the secondary school estate,” he said.

“It is hugely important that there is widespread awareness raising initiatives on how these life saving defibrillators can be successfully utilised if, and when required. What better way to do this than to familiarise young people within the school setting on what the are and how they can save lives.”