Mid Ulster firm behind joke Arsenal website tweeted by stars

Michael Mallon and Darren McSorley
Michael Mallon and Darren McSorley

An inventive website set up to poke fun at the length of time since Premier League football side Arsenal last won a trophy, was designed by a Cookstown business firm.

The website countdown entitled ‘Since Arsenal last won a trophy’ went into meltdown at the weekend after Arsenal won the FA Cup, their first trophy in almost 9 years.

The brains behind the website is Cookstown web design company Reflex, namely Michael Mallon from Cookstown and Darren McSorley from Omagh.

Speaking to the MAIL about the website and the attention is has received, Michael said: “We set this up in 2011 and this weekend between Saturday and Monday over a quarter of a million people accessed the website. On Saturday alone we had over 120,000 people, the site could only display it to 1000 people every minute, so we probably had more than that.”

The website has attracted attention from all over the world with the link being tweeted by Arsenal fan and TV chat show host Piers Morgan, as well as business tycoon Alan Sugar and Arsenal player Andrey Arshavin.

Michael said they never expected it to reach the heights it has and have also got a number of other similar websites ongoing at the minute.

“We didn’t expect it to last to 2014, we expected maybe one or two years, but the longer it lasted the more cruel it became. The Guardian newspaper regularly make reference to it when they were writing about Arsenal’s trophy drought. Over the weekend alone over 800 websites linked to our site and the BBC made reference to it as well during their live coverage of the FA Cup final on their website,” he said.

The duo also are also planning a new website aimed at England fans in time for the World Cup this Summer. Imagine the hits if Roy Hodgon’s team were to win!