Mid Ulster firms should seize EU funding opportunity - Molloy

Francie Molloy MP
Francie Molloy MP

Businesses in Mid Ulster are being urged to access a ‘potentially significant resource’ of EU investment funding opportunities.

Mid Ulster MP Francie Molloy says the EU Horizon 2020 programme offers support and investment for research and innovation.

“This is something Mid Ulster companies have been doing for generations,” said the Sinn Fein MP.

“Through her work as an MEP, my colleague Martina Anderson, has been opening up new avenues for local companies to access into the heart of European opportunities.

“I would encourage local companies to follow through on this package of support, not enough Irish companies are availing of the opportunities which already exist.”

Mr Molloy pointed to the East Tyrone area as the “centre of the worlds sand and gravel extraction machinery” which he says was achieved “through their hard work in developing new designs and innovations and putting their own money in to back up the idea”.

He added: “Today there is an opportunity to get support to create cutting edge technological developments on our doorstep.

“The Horizon 2020 programme will be running over the next seven years, having just been launched in December 2013. Research, innovation and science are a means of securing your business into the future and now is the time to seek out how that the vision can be achieved.

“Businesses across Mid Ulster have the potential to make real gains through this programme and benefit not just for employees of today but a whole new generation waiting to step out of our schools, colleges and universities into secure and exciting employment opportunities.”