Mid Ulster Mail news of Titanic disaster in 1912

THIS is how the Mid Ulster Mail reported the news that Titanic had gone down on 15 April 1912.

“THE White Star liner Titanic sank on Monday at 2.20am, many lives being lost.

“The liner, which was on her maiden voyage from Southampton to New York, collided on Sunday off the coast of Newfoundland with an iceberg, and assistance was immediately summoned by wireless telegraphy, several vessels hastening to the rescue.

“It was at first reported that the passengers had all been taken off, and that the vessel was being towed into Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Tuesday’s telegrams show that the fate of the Titanic is beyond doubt.

“The giant liner now lies in the bed of the North Atlantic at a depth probably of two miles, and her loss constitutes the most appalling shipping disaster in the history of the world.

The vessel carried in all 2,359 persons. The total survivors are officially declared at New York to be 868, so that it would appear that the number who have perished reaches and awful figure of 1,490.

The terrible calamity has cuased the greatest consternation throughout the world, and great sympathyis expressed with the bereaved.

A large number of the crew resided at Southampton and district, but at least twenty belong to Belfast and the North of Ireland.”