Mid Ulster MLA accuses DUP of ‘playing shameful games’ with our ‘economic future’

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Mid Ulster MLA and chair of Stormont’s Enterprise Committee, Patsy McGlone, has accused the DUP of threatening Northern Ireland’s economic and financial security with political games.

“Many of us already knew that when it came to the crunch, the DUP would cynically put their own party self-interest above the needs of people across the North,” he said.

Calling on other parties to “give up the games” he is urging them to “get back to the business of government”.

The latest casualty of the DUP’s games he said was the Credit Unions Bill, which not heard today as expected because Enterprise Minister Jonathan Bell has abandoned his department.

“Their boycott of the Executive now means that pieces of legislation crucial to the economic and financial security of this region are being blocked and delayed,” Mr McGlone added.

“Credit Unions form an integral part of the fiscal backbone of this island’s economy and the changes planned can only be made by way of legislation.

“The DUP’s appalling dereliction of duty in the pursuit of party political games with the Ulster Unionists is shameful and raises serious questions about their competence to hold high office.

“While the brinkmanship continues, the SDLP is getting down to business. Yesterday we proposed increasing the basic free childcare allowance to 30 hours to help transform the local economy and support working parents.

“We will not be stopped from progressing our prosperity programme agenda. Other parties must give up the games and get back to the business of government.”