MId Ulster MLA ‘disgusted’ at decision to ban sale of politcial emblems from council premises

Ian McCrea called the decision 'absolutely disgraceful'
Ian McCrea called the decision 'absolutely disgraceful'

Mid Ulster DUP MLA, Ian McCrea, has voiced his disgust that one of the first actions of the new super council has led to a ban on the sale of political emblems in council buildings.

This includes the Remembrance Day poppy, and also Easter lilies.

Mr McCrea said: “It is absolutely disgraceful and ghastly that Sinn Fein, aided by the SDLP on the Mid Ulster Council, have decided that poppies will not be sold in any council buildings.

“Whilst I am not at all surprised, I am extremely disappointed that both nationalist parties have chosen to denigrate the poppy.

“Both British and Irish soldiers fought together and many of them paid the ultimate sacrifice in both World Wars and we should never forget their courage.

“Sinn Fein would rather commemorate terrorists in Newry than allow a poppy to be sold in a Civic building.

“The poppy reminds us of the chaos of war and the sacrifice which was made for freedom whereas Sinn Fein prefers to glorify terrorism.

“It is claimed by Sinn Fein that this action will create a neutral environment for all the citizens of Mid Ulster - Sinn Fein’s view of neutrality is clearly viewed through the eyes of republicanism.

“I want to welcome the united response from DUP and UUP councillors in Mid Ulster who are not taking this lying down.

“They have agreed to take steps to stop the sectarian agenda of Sinn Fein and SDLP.

“Unlike the nationalists and republicans, unionism wants to create a truly shared society in Mid Ulster.”