Mid Ulster MLA meets with Ofcom to discuss rural broadband coverage

Patsy McGlone
Patsy McGlone

Mid Ulster MLA Patsy McGlone has met with Ofcom officials to discuss the inadequate provision of high-speed broadband and 4G coverage in rural areas.

Following the meeting Mr McGlone said: “A growing concern among people living in rural communities is the quality of connections they get from mobile and internet providers.

“Common complaints include slow internet access and a lack of reception and increasingly there is a perception among those living in a rural setting that they are getting left behind.

“While it may have been a luxury in years past the simple reality is that connectivity has become a necessity today particularly for businesses if they are to flourish.

“I have met with Chairperson of Ofcom Dame Patricia Hodgson and Director of Ofcom Jonathan Rose to discuss to discuss in particular; 4G coverage, high-speed rural broadband as well as the trouble some people living in border areas have accessing on-demand videos on services like BBC iplayer.”

He added: “I have received assurances that they will examine the problems and report back to us. In the meantime I will continue to press for investment into infrastructure that will lead to better connectivity.”