Mid Ulster MLA’s support call to remove the NHS from ‘almost secret’ US-EU trade deal

US-EU trade deal threatens NHS
US-EU trade deal threatens NHS

The Rev Chris Hudson, spokesperson for the People’s NHSni, has thanked Mid Ulster MLAs for their support in a campaign to have the NHS removed from the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership [TTIP].

Speaking about the inclusion of health care in the partnership, he said: “There are widespread concerns about the likely adverse implications of the TTIP for the National Health Service, that’s why we asked our assembly members to support our campaign aims.

“We want David Cameron to use his veto and have the NHS exempted from this US–EU trade deal - a deal that is being carried out in almost total secrecy.”

Mid Ulster MLAs Michelle O’Neill, Ian Milne and Martin McGuinness from Sinn Fein, the UUP’s Sandra Overend and Patsy McGlone from the SDLP, last week signed a petition pledging support for the campaign and asking the Westminster Government to protect the NHS.

“In signing the petition our MLAs, over 80 out of a total of 108 so far, clearly believe that the provision of public health care by the NHS is much too important to be put at risk by the EU-US trade agreement known as TTIP,” Rev Hudson added.

“In particular, TTIP must not restrict the scope for decisions by any level of government, public authority or NHS organisation relating to public health care.

“TTIP must not give current or future US investors’ new rights.”