Mid-Ulster MP Francie Molloy part of post-revolution talks in Tunisia

Francie Molloy in Tunisia talks
Francie Molloy in Tunisia talks

FRANCIE Molloy, MP for Mid-Ulster was one of a group of parliamentarians who took part in political discussions with a range of parties involved in the post revolution state of Tunisia.

Meetings were held with all the main political and trade union organisations who are currently involved in drafting a new Constitution for the north African country.

Mr Molloy commented, “The discussions organised by the Centre for European Palestinian Relations brought together a number of political representatives from Ireland and Britain. The aim was share experiences of transition from conflict to democracy and I related some of approach Sinn Féin and republicans have taken to some of the difficult issues addressed over the past twenty years.

“The discussion group met with the key political groups including the ousted regime which still clearly holds significant levels of influence among many sections of society and state. The drive to create a new constitution leading to political stability also faces many challenges both from the old regime and from various other quarters. Unfortunately political assassinations and violence are still a factor in Tunisia but the evidence is there that progress can be made to move things forward.

“In my talks with the leaders of the main political parties I reinforced the need for inclusion to bring people into the process in order to gain acceptance and agreement for the future.”