Mid Ulster republicans in show of support for Gerry Adams

Gabh�n McFalone with Sinn F�in President, Gerry Adams.
Gabh�n McFalone with Sinn F�in President, Gerry Adams.

Sinn Féin activists from across Mid Ulster will travel to a major election rally in Belfast’ Devenish Complex which will be addressed by Gerry Adams on Monday evening.

Maghera based Sinn Féin councillor and candidate Gabhán McFalone said he was “looking forward to tonight’s major rally in Belfast and meeting up with my good friend and party leader, Gerry Adams”.

He said: “Gerry’s recent arrest and detention at the hands of a small cabal within the PSNI was inextricably linked to the Local Government and European Elections happening in a few weeks time across Ireland.

“His arrest was certainly politically motivated and the timing as well as the decision to extend his decision was certainly part of this.

“Tonight’s major election rally will see the coming together of thousands of committed and hard working Sinn Féin activists from across the north, young and old, to set out the work programme necessary to secure Irish Republicanism’s best election results in years. Irish Unity, Peace, Jobs and Progress will be our political focus - a bright future for all the people of Ireland free from British interference.

Mr McFalone said the “reactionaries and the embedded journalists in the gutter press will not deter us from our historic task”.

He added: “The republican people of County Derry have made clear to the young, committed and determined political activists in Sinn Féin locally over recent days that any attempt to criminalise our struggle will clearly fail just as the attempts of the tyrant and enemy of working people, Margaret Thatcher failed during the course of the H-Block/Armagh campaign and the 1981 hunger strike.

“As County Derry republicans prepare to remember IRA volunteer and H-Block hunger striker, Francis Hughes on his 33rd anniversary next week, in the words of a revolutionary song ‘we are a river flowing’. The people of Ireland will give a resounding endorsement of the Sinn Féin peace strategy at the elections taking place on Thursday 22nd May in the North and Friday 23rd May across the 26 Counties. Play your part and be part of progressive change - Vote Sinn Féin!”