Mid Ulster scorn at under-threat community policing

The PSNI in Cookstown are kept busy, with the sometimes rowdy night-time economy of the town.

But they have also been busy patrolling some of the more rural parts of the area.

And to prove their point they posted a video on Facebook of their jeep driving across a ford in a river near Coagh with the catchline ‘no river too deep’.

And what was the public’s reaction - scorn and ridicule. ‘Have they nothing better to do’ was the tone of several comments.

Yet it’s ok for people to post pictures of their dinner and their wonderfully mundane lives on Facebook.

Yes, the police video was a bit banal, strange... reminded me of All Creatures Great and Small.

But the point they were making was very valid - they are out there to serve the rural communities.

What no-one on Facebook seemed to pick up on, was the fact that this type of visible policing in now under serious threat with the £50m cuts to the PSNI’s budget.

The Chief Constable George Hamilton was very frank when he spoke about the impact of the cuts - particularly community policing, which could have severe implications for such a rural area like Mid Ulster.

And then of course there’s Desertcreat....