Mid Ulster tops again for recycling

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Mid Ulster’s Recycling heroes have done it again as the district once more achieved the highest household recycling rate of all 11 councils in Northern Ireland.

Official recycling rates just released show Mid Ulster’s Household Waste recycling rate stands at 54.3% for the period April 2017 to March 2018, already exceeding the 2020 statutory recycling target ahead of time.

To add to this, the district also had the biggest reduction in waste sent to landfill at 8.1%.

Chair of Mid Ulster District Council’s Environment Committee, Councillor Kenneth Reid, applauded the results.

“Mid Ulster has consistently had the highest recycling rate of all 11 councils in Northern Ireland and I have no doubt that this is due to the excellent recycling efforts of the district’s recycling heroes who are properly using their recycling bins and centres,” he said.

“The remarkable work council recycling staff carry out on the ground with schools, groups and residents directly, has also contributed to this success.

“The fact that this year also saw Mid Ulster experience the biggest reduction in the waste sent to landfill is another phenomenal achievement and demonstrates that we are on track to reduce this figure even further which will greatly benefit our environment.

“The Council’s latest Recycling Hero campaign uses a quiz to highlight and raise awareness of recycling correctly and addresses many disposal errors which will allow residents to rectify their own recycling habits in a fun and informative way.

“I would encourage everyone to take the recycling quiz to increase their recycling skills to ensure we maintain this top position in the future. For the online quiz and to tell us your recycling hero stories go to: www.midulstercouncil.org/recyclinghero and remember to use #RecyclingHero.”

In May 2017 the Council mounted a campaign against food waste being wrongly placed in black bins, with the introduction of new recycling messaging on its fleet of bin lorries.

New advertising panels on the sides of vehicles are designed to encourage residents to dispose of food waste correctly in the brown bin and not the black, while also illustrating the difference recycling food waste makes to the environment.

Designs on the lorries show how one kitchen caddy full of food waste can generate enough energy to toast eight slices of bread or power a TV for 2.5 hours - conveying the message that food recycling really does make a difference.